Monday, February 06, 2006

Surviving Superbowl XL

It's one thing to ignore the Superbowl. It's another to ignore it when it's being held in YOUR town. That takes a LOT more work. In order to attempt to get away from at least some of the hype, I signed up for the Super Bowl event at Haberman's Fabrics. This was their 8th annual attempt to entertain us and raise money for Haven, a local women and children's shelter for battered women. Worthy cause and a fun time!

There were three demonstrations - a fabric covered bulletin board, an embellished scarf and a high end wrap. All three were excellent - although you would need a very special and black tie occasion to use the wrap. Still, it was much fun. Here are the goodies I found:

Velvet and twill

The velvet is such a dark blue it looks black - I think it would make a nice scarf! Or at least part of it. Maybe I'll finally do some rubber stamping on it first, add some beads. You know the drill.

See those nifty twill tapes? They're Japanese! I got them to run them through my computer printer and add words to them. Aren't they nice looking? I can hardly wait to try them!

The last item will probably end up as handles for a tote. It's a nice study weight and would support home dec style fabrics. I have a ton of decorator samples, don't you?

Oh, and afterwards I DID watch the Superbowl. If they're going to put on 40 of them, I might as well watch one.


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