Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stitch and Chips

Stitch and Chips

Is this just the cutest bag or what? It’s my variation on a Stephanie Kimura pattern found in Bags With Style. Stephanie is coming to town next month to teach locally, so I decided I should finally make something out of her book.

It’s made from upholstery weight fabric with a quilted upholstery lining giving the bag a lot of body. All of the fabrics used were free samples I received from a friend. I substituted ribbon for the tubing called for in the pattern to tie on the handles, and lengthened them quite a bit. I think the ties add a nice touch to the look of the bag. It can be folded to use as a purse, or can hold either a project or most of the “stuff” we like to carry around.

Folded Clutch

I’ll be donating this bag and the scarf shown with it for a silent auction. The scarf is a free pattern called "Potato Chip Scarf" from Knitpicks. You can find the pattern here. One word to the wise, if you decide to make this pattern, do follow the advice to use a 32” Circular needle. I tried to make due with my 29” needles, but they were really too small.


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