Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pre-Olympics Training: Swatch Time!

Think of it as a triple axel! Yes, I did my swatch for my project for the Knitter's Olympics . I do swatches for garments, but usually wing it for a project such as the one I have chosen for my Olympic Event: A wool knitted purse with Fair Isle patterning.

My swatch came out right on gauge, so I had to run out today to find the right knitting needles. Because of the Fair Isle, I want to knit it in the round. I prefer to use double pointed needles, but didn’t have long enough ones in size 9. Sadly, neither did the knit shop (or JoAnn’s or Michael’s!). I compromised by purchasing a 24” circular needle in size 9. That should work for this project, which is approximately 22” around.

You know what they say: Use the right tools for the job!

Here’s my swatch and pictures of the basic pattern I am using as a start off point:


I think I’m all ready for the opening ceremonies tomorrow night!

When do I get my USA jacket?


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