Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finished Stuffage and on to The Summer Olympics!

The baby quilts are all nicely labeled and delivered!

So on to other finished projects and one newly started one:

First, the Houswif is fully completed and ready to send off to the Correspondence teacher for review. Here’s some pix:

Folded Project

All folded up and ready to be useful!


Opened up to show the stitching. It is bound with a French silk ombre ribbon. I removed the wires and handstitched it into place.


Opened up to the inside to show the two scissors fobs, the pin keep and the needle case. The inside is silk duppioni. There are ribbon bows to hold various items as well as mother of pearl circles to hold threads at the top. Pleated pockets and pockets stitched to hold my scrimshaw ruler and my laying tool complete the compartments.

Second, I also finished and mailed off a birthday present to a friend:

Felted Purse

This was a fun internet pattern to make and felt!

Next, I recently joined It is a really fun and informative site for knitters and crocheters. They are sponsoring some fun to go along with the Summer Olympics. Here is the beginnings of the project I am considering:


Summer Olympics

Can’t be certain if this project is a “go” until I complete my training! I need to make a sample (hence all the various needles) and make sure I understand the directions, etc. There’s only 17 days to complete this project – and that is one of my biggest concerns in planning it. How much lace can I really knit in 17 days?

Also, I have been working on a mystery quilt that my quilt guild is sponsoring. Here is a picture of the pieces I have so far. I still don’t know what it’s going to look like!

Mystery Quilt

Finally, the Quilt Guild had it’s biannual Quilt Show last weekend. I didn’t put a quilt in (and I should have!) but I did find a very sweet needle case at one of the vendors. I bought two kits and put both of them together in about 2 hours. What a fun project! I know I will be making more of these:



That’s all for now…..Must. Go. Swatch.


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You do such beautiful work and I love "my" needlecase. Thanks you soooooo much. Love

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