Saturday, August 02, 2008

Booties and Squares!

I think my neice’s new twins need booties, don’t you?

Yes, I did make them baby quilts and baby bags, etc.

However, they are the first of the next generation in my family, so what can I say?

Here’s the latest project in process:

Booties for Josh and Jackie

I should have them finished before the Summer Olympics begin!


I am a real sucker for a swap. In fact, I have to stay away from the HGTV message boards because every time I go there I sign up for one! Fortunately, my Quilting Guild is sponsoring an exchange of charm squares. This is perfect for me! Controlled swap madness!

The next swap is “neutrals”. I have two sets of 48 squares ready to swap. I’ll get 2 sets of 48 squares in return, 2 of each 10 inch square. Here are my squares:

Neutral Squares Swap

The last swap of the year is for “Winter Frost” fabric. I wasn’t at all certain what this meant until I saw some of it at the quilt show last weekend. I bought enough to swap. It’s a mottled background with an iridescent type overlay. Very pretty! I’ll have to collect more of this fabric:

Winter Frost Squares Swap


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where do you get all your energy? I have trouble doing 1/8th the stuff you do?
The fabric is beautiful and looks like the yarn works great for the booties. Love.

8:31 AM  

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