Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Update

The training went well: See how innocent and simple this swatch looks?

Olympic Swatch

Progress: uncertain. Yes, knitting sportsfans, it’s been one hellofa day at the Olympic knitting pool. I knew this shawl would be challenging to finish in 17 days – that was the main reason I chose a pattern from Victorian Lace Today that was labeled “easy”.

Shawl Errortus

Either Jane Sowerby lies, or my latent dyslexia has burst suddenly on the Knitting Olympic scene and displayed itself in the most unwanted ways.

I was having huge issues with the shawl, resulting in dropped stitches, missed stitches, lost stitches and stitches gone where no knitter has gone before!

The result? A complete scratch performance.

Summer Olympics

I tore out all 140 rows on Wednesday and devised a new and more comprehensive plan to deal with this difficult race to the finish. At this point, I am hoping I can finish the triangle of 230 rows before the closing ceremonies and the torch is extinguished. If I get even one side of the triangle finished with the lace trimming, it will be an Olympic Triumph!

Shawl Correctus

Here are the first hundred rows in all their newly knitted perfection!


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