Thursday, October 30, 2008

Still Playing Catch-Up

Here are a couple more projects I haven’t posted about yet.

First, a wonderful stitching project on felted wool. This goodie will be an adorable pear needle case when it’s finished. Yes, I know I have a “thing” about needle cases. Let’s just not go there, shall we? A lot of the embroidery is finished on this project. Next I will begin putting together some of the pieces and adding a lot of buttonhole stitch embroidery on the edges.


I previously did a Strawberry Needle Case in this same style and I love it! I use it all the time for my basic needle case when I am doing my embroidery work. Here’s a picture of it:



I also have a hand painted box I am lining with silk for some of my needlework tools and projects. This box was designed and painted for the Sampler Guild I belong to. Isn’t it pretty? Doesn’t this project look like it’s going to be fun and relatively easy? The threads on top are silk weft threads I will be using to do the sewing.


Well, looks can be deceiving. VERY deceiving. I finished all of the pieces for lining this lovely box. A bottom, tufted with peal beads, 4 sides with pockets and ribbons. I enjoyed making all the pieces, and they all fit wonderfully well into my box. They all fit, that is, UNTIL I tried to put them in it all together. Lord help me – no two pieces will fit into the box at the same time. I’ve taken about a 2 month rest from this “project”. I will fix it – just as soon as my prayers are answered, or I lose it – whichever comes first! *prays for strength*


Yes, I do buy yarn – more than I should, of course. Here’s a lovely bit of Touche I hope to make a sweater out of in the not so distant future:



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