Thursday, February 16, 2006


I feel like I just completed the downhill without missing a pole. Or maybe I just did my first triple axel in competition? Perhaps it’s more like I got my music on my ipod to play exactly how I wanted it as I surfed the half pipe……Whatever.

In any case, I have now completed my Fair Isle band on the purse. ::bows:: Yes, the crowds went wild here at the Knitting Olympics!

Olympics 3

Now I need to make some design decisions. Which colors should I use for the plainer bands? Should I do the seed stitched self handle, or not? No worries, this is what training is for!

I think I can finish in time, but the project must be blocked and lined before the flame goes out….

More soonish….

(The Yarn Harlot has added a countdown clock to her blog for the Knitting Olympics. Ohhhhhh…..scary…..)


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