Thursday, October 30, 2008

Still Playing Catch-Up

Here are a couple more projects I haven’t posted about yet.

First, a wonderful stitching project on felted wool. This goodie will be an adorable pear needle case when it’s finished. Yes, I know I have a “thing” about needle cases. Let’s just not go there, shall we? A lot of the embroidery is finished on this project. Next I will begin putting together some of the pieces and adding a lot of buttonhole stitch embroidery on the edges.


I previously did a Strawberry Needle Case in this same style and I love it! I use it all the time for my basic needle case when I am doing my embroidery work. Here’s a picture of it:



I also have a hand painted box I am lining with silk for some of my needlework tools and projects. This box was designed and painted for the Sampler Guild I belong to. Isn’t it pretty? Doesn’t this project look like it’s going to be fun and relatively easy? The threads on top are silk weft threads I will be using to do the sewing.


Well, looks can be deceiving. VERY deceiving. I finished all of the pieces for lining this lovely box. A bottom, tufted with peal beads, 4 sides with pockets and ribbons. I enjoyed making all the pieces, and they all fit wonderfully well into my box. They all fit, that is, UNTIL I tried to put them in it all together. Lord help me – no two pieces will fit into the box at the same time. I’ve taken about a 2 month rest from this “project”. I will fix it – just as soon as my prayers are answered, or I lose it – whichever comes first! *prays for strength*


Yes, I do buy yarn – more than I should, of course. Here’s a lovely bit of Touche I hope to make a sweater out of in the not so distant future:


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Agony of Defeat Part I

Like most of the athletes who attended the Chinese Olympics, I, too, left Beijing without a medal. (Or even going there, but let’s not ruin the metaphor, shall we?) While it was a bit disheartening to realize I had chosen poorly with my project, I cannot help but rationalize because of the stellar results. Starting over after approximately 140 rows was clearly the right decision. Winning the Gold and having a silk shawl I would NEVER be happy with or wear would have been the loser way out.

Here is the finished triangle:


I am now nearly finished with the lace edging, some more pix soon. Still figuring out where to block the thing !

Playing catch up:

First, here’s the finished pix of the baby socks for the darling twins. I’m supposed to get to meet the little darlings soon!

Baby Socks

Second, here are the groups of squares I’ve gotten in trade at my quilt guild:




Black and White