Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Schlep Bag!

Is this cute or what?

This Schlep Bag stands alone with something in it, for when you want to set your bag down, hands-free to do something else for a bit. It’s cute and very functional!

Schlep Bag

Fun to make and fun to use, this is a quick project require about 8 fat quarters worth of fabric – plus batting. That includes lining and the project is fully reversible.

NOW, what is a blog for if you are not brutally honest? Sooooo….I made a MAJOR mistake on this bag – and yet, it’s still totally functional! I sewed an extra square on each of the rows for what I intended to be the front. It was all matched up lovely and made a much bigger bag. I didn’t even notice this until today – long after I completely finished the bag. When I went to take a picture of it: Whoops! It didn’t set right. There was extra fabric pooled at the base. Yikes! I turned it inside out and quickly discovered my error – and the solution. Now, I have extra fabric in the base on the inside. No problem! LOL

Just goes to show that you learn something every time you sew, and that sewing is a forgiving and wonderful hobby! I think I’ll make another one soon.

Friday, March 24, 2006

One UFO done, a kazillion more to go…..

I’ve had a cold this week, so I’ve been doing a lot of sitting. Fortunately, I’ve been sitting and stitching!

Here is the last row of my Alphabet Sampler, all finished!

Alphabet Row 5

I was so excited to get this done this morning, that I decided to nurse my cold, watch a movie (the new version of Pride and Prejudice) and finish the rest. Here it is!!!!

Alphabet Row 5

Now, I just need to get if framed. Last picture will go up then…

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Just finished row 4 on my Alphabet Sampler. This project is really a fun one and I can hardly wait to get it finished! Some of the squares go quickly but most either require using a laying tool and proceeding with care and an untwisted thread, or the stitch takes a great of time to complete. Still, the pleasure is in the challenge! (And once I get this one complete, there’s a PURPLE one to do!)

Alphabet Row 4

I took a fun class last week and made this chatelaine. It’s made from ribbons, some red felt and roving to stuff the pin cushion heart. It is just perfect to use when I am stitching the alphabet sampler!


If you’d like to make one for yourself, the supplies and instructions are here.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


One of my favorite yarn stores had their semi-annual sale this week. Here’s what I got:

Sari silk and silk yarns

There are two skeins of sari silk from Blue Mango. I’ve been wanting to try out a technique of knitting this reclaimed yarn on very large needles and then sewing it onto a background fabric and using several surface techniques on it. The yarn is just too heavy to be used for anything other than a very narrow scarf, but it is lovely stuff, so I’m going to give it a try. See the sample I’ve knit? It was done on size 35 needles and is about 8 ½” by 11”. I intend to sew it to background fabric with decorative threads, cover it with a sheer or tulle and heat gun the results. Then we’ll see if I like it well enough to do more of it.

I learned about this technique in a recent issue of Quilting Arts Magazine, my very favorite craft magazine. Do check it out!

I also got some other silk yarns that were marked down. I do love to knit with silk! The third yarn is by Collinette, called Giotto. I've been wanting to knit with this yarn since it came out, but really cannot afford to invest as much as it takes to make a large garment. I got two skeins to make a scarf/shawl.

My local knitting guild, The Wool Gatherers, held their annual “garage sale” this week. Members can bring anything the wish to cull from their stash of yarns and related items to sale, trade or donate. I didn’t bring anything (my bad), but here’s what I bought:

Roving and silk/rayon yarn

Roving is great for pin cushions and this huge ball of it ($2.00) should last for a long time! I’ve been wanting to make socks in a silk rayon blend to see how they would wear, and this yarn (also $2.00) is 75% rayon and 25% silk. Should be fun to knit with and aren’t the colors pretty?

I also took a quick project class this week and made a very useful version of a chatelaine made out of ribbons. I’ll post that next time…

Saturday, March 11, 2006

All Finished = Too Cute!

Finished up both layettes. Here’s the one for Jack – hope he (and his mom and grandmother) like it! I gave it to Jack’s grandmother today – he’s two weeks old now, so he should still fit into everything. 8 pounds at birth. Gee, that sounds big to me, but I guess it’s really not. My kids were just small….

Jack’s Layette

Here’s the last one I made, for a community service project.


I’m pleased with how they came out!

Now, got to go finish those flower pins….will post them tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

EXTRA-Cute – Part Two!

Got those pom poms made for the baby hats!

Here’s the picture – with their respective baby gowns:

Baby Hats with poms

The fujifundaughter and I agreed that the poms made them even cuter, so they stay. Hopefully I can finish the two layettes tomorrow!

So many projects… little time…..

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Still working on the baby layettes! Here are the knitted baby caps for the cute little ones. They came out great, but there is just one outstanding question….do they need pom poms on top?

Pro: Pom Poms are cute and you can use them to take the hat off….

Con: Pom Poms are cute, but they make them look more like an outdoors hat….

Take a look:

Baby Hats no poms

Off to make pom poms and try them out!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hakuna Matata!

Today is a big day, Blog-wise! ::points at Gold Medal---->::

A big day project-wise, too. I delivered the Lion King themed baby quilt I made for Monica - the first grandchild of the next generation in my husband's family, today. It was quite an interesting experience. Her mother is a huge fan of the Lion King and all things Disney, so I scoured up most of the fabrics on ebay. That was fun! The square in a square pattern is one of my favorites - I also made a queen size quilt for my neice in that pattern a couple of years ago, using all batiks.

The best thing about this baby quilt is that I finished it before the baby was born! Yea! Go me! Here's a picture:

Monica’s Quilt

I also found a Hakuna Matata print, in both cotton and cotton flannel. I used the cotton for the quilt back and made her a matching layette out of the flannel. It’s a receiving blanket, a gown, a bib and a burp cloth. Here’s the picture of the layette:

Monica’s Layette

I will be making two more layettes, so more about those later. More knitting, too – since I will be including knitted hats with the next two layettes!