Friday, February 24, 2006

Into the final lap!

Sometimes the stars really do align. The ribbon I’m attaching to the top zipper and the ribbon with the stars on it are a perfect match! Go fig. It's not like I even bought them at the same time! I’ll use the grosgrain ribbon with the stars to attach the handles. The lining is shown underneath. The smaller zipper will be used for an interior pocket. There will be another flap pocket on the other side. Can’t have too many pockets! This bag/purse needs to be functional!

Here’s a shot of the interior materials:

Olympics 7

I assembled the lining this morning! I’ll be sewing it into the purse tomorrow – when it is completely dry! Yea!

This way I can listen to my music and party with the snowboarders at the Closing Ceremonies! ::checks the batteries in her mp3 player!::

Final Pictures tomorrow!


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